A How-To + Survival Guide on how to Navigate that Absolute Mess of an App

As a millennial twenty-something I have, and say it with me now, “NO MONEY!” No money mixed with a bonafide addiction to online shopping can get sooooo fruuuuustratinnngggg, lol i’m annoyed haha (*nails emoji,* *agony emoji,* *water droplets emoji*) #SOS #Help911.

Cheap re-sale items can provide a quickie solution to this problem, transporting you from your poor, gross lifestyle into the shoes and the two bedroom apartment of a *hot bitch* with places to BE. You’re so busy. It’s like being drunk and opting out of taking the L and calling an Uber Select because you’re outrageous, fancy, and worth it.

I’m kidding about the two bedroom apartment. IN your dreams. How could online shopping possibly provide that? You gullible asshole. But, you can be a hot bitch. And you can call an Uber. Just, like, an Uber Pool though.

It happens a lot…

NOBODY: I love your jeans! Where are they from?

ME: They’re Re/Done, but from Poshmark

NOBODY: Omg, I always look on Poshmark but can never find anything!

D I S C L A I M E R:

As always, I’m not paid for these endorsements, which isn’t to say I wouldn’t GLADLY ACCEPT PAYMENTS, from literally anyone, but until then here is my real opinion you can blindly trust:

Poshmark is a wonderland filled with items of every condition from brand new to extremely vintage and you can get what you want at an affordable price. You can negotiate with sellers, sell your own stuff (and they make it so easy a.k.a. they email you the pre-paid shipping label), and most importantly you can find oddly specific shit that you cannot find anywhere else (as easily).

BUT, it's not perfect. The app itself is ugly. I'll give the UX design a hard zero. The act of browsing Poshmark's app is like walking gleefully into a garage sale that, from the driveway, looks like the location where you’re about to experience the best day of your life, but as you get closer you realize the only items available for purchase are a treadmill that doesn’t work and stacks of itchy sweaters.

I get it. I've been there. But, I love buying things for less money so I've learned all the tricks of the trade and I'm willing to teach you.

How I use the app:

  1. First and foremost, and I cannot emphasize this enough, I don’t use Poshmark to aimlessly browse the marketplace. The Poshmark user experience isn’t that of the regular online shopper; you’re not opening 26 tabs and closing your browser after your head hurts from staring at the screen. You pull up, skrrrt, on a ma’fckn mission.

  2. Use Poshmark when you want a semi-specific something

  3. Use Poshmark even harder when you want an extremely specific something


I WANTED: a long-ish camo jacket

  • SEARCHED “Longline Camo Jacket” + selectedWOMEN

  • FILTER selected “SORT,” chose “PRICE LOW TO HIGH”

Not a ton of results, I’ll alter my search terms

  • SEARCHED “Long Camo Jacket” + selected “WOMEN”

  • FILTER selected “SORT,” chose “PRICE LOW TO HIGH”

*I ended up buying this jacket ($25) because it had the length I wanted, conveniently placed pockets, and the seller was throwing in a maroon zip up for free

I WANTED: a new-ish wallet

  • SEARCHED “Leather Wallet” + selected “ALL”

  • FILTER: selected “SORT,” chose “PRICE LOW TO HIGH”

Too much going on here (styles, patterns, sizes). I knew I wanted it to be black

  • FILTER: selected “COLOR,” chose “BLACK,” selected “SORT,” chose “PRICE LOW TO HIGH”

A little better, but I still feel overwhelmed by the results and different styles/sizes. I want it to be small enough to fit into a coat pocket or a purse

  • SEARCHED “Small Leather Wallet” + selected “ALL”

  • FILTER: selected “COLOR,” chose “BLACK,” selected “SORT,” chose “PRICE LOW TO HIGH”

*I ended up buying this wallet ($26)

This was the seller’s description:

“Brand new Fossil Wallet (without tags). Black genuine leather trifold wallet. Slim style that can hold lots of cards. Perfect for cross body bags or when you just don’t feel like carrying a huge wallet!”

So basically, it's everything I wanted. Also, it was originally $50. I bought it new. I’ve rigged the sys.


I NEEDED: a necklace that, when wearing it, felt like a winning medal and said 'BOSS BITCH'

  • SEARCHED “Boss Bitch” + selected “WOMEN”


I found what I was looking for, but if there was an overwhelming amount of results, I would’ve:

  • FILTER: selected “CATEGORY,” chose “WOMEN,” “JEWELRY,” “NECKLACES”

*I ended up buying this necklace for the obvious reason that it was PERFECT and on top of that it was only FIVE DOLLARS

*photo taken from it's original Poshmark listing*


  • Search terms are key; be as broad as possible, get creative, and try everything

  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for, alter your filter by selecting “AVAILABILITY” and change it to “ALL,” doing this will show you all of the available items, but also SOLD ITEMS. Click on an item that’s been sold, scroll down on the listing, and you'll see similar listings (that you likely didn't see from your search results!!!!!)

  • If you’ve purchased something from Poshmark in the past and for any reason need to purchase something very similar, go to the “My Purchases” page and click on the item you’re trying to duplicate. Click on the original listing and scroll down to quickly find similar listings

  • If you’re ordering something last minute, you're about to buy, and need to make sure you can get it ASAP: look at the top left corner of the listing where it says "Updated on (date)." If the "Updated on" results are inconclusive, go to the sellers profile and click on their most recent listing. Check when it was updated.

  • If it's recent (like, days ago), comment on the pic explaining your sitch/when you need it by and wait for their response. If all of their "Updated On" dates are from over 6 months ago, you're probably not gonna get that item ASAP (or at all).

  • Make offers - a lot of the time they’re accepted even if you think you’re low-balling (also a good way to see if the seller is inactive and won’t respond) ~~~~~

That’s about it! Shopping is cool and a crutch for my mental health! Bye!

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