I recently had the honor of photographing an incredibly special moment for two people that I love so much. Matt and Kate.

I met Matt when we were both a couple of pre-pubescent middle schoolers. Even as a nerdy brace-faced boy, he had an inexplicable ease about him and an infectious personality that is nearly impossible to be grumpy around. We became fast friends and have stayed in touch ever since.

While I am biased towards mine and Matt's friendship and believe it is second to none, I don't think my story is unique; Matt becomes best friends with everyone he encounters and that is not an exaggeration. I've seen it happen many times; he'll meet someone and charm them the way he so nonchalantly does and they go on to have a fantastic time - afterwards he follows up, includes them in his next group outing, and that's that. Best of friends. His group can never be too big.

Throughout the course of our friendship we've seen each other through both good and bad. Transferring schools, out of state internships, job offers, new apartments, fallouts with friends, and even a few breakups, too. For someone who is capable of charming every person on the planet, I never doubted that Matt would be able to find the love of his life. However, I hadn't yet seen or been able to imagine that someone could captivate Matt in the same way that Matt captivated all of us. And then I met Kate.

Kate Roback is a total badass. She's brilliant and beautiful and hilarious and truly the best in every sense of the word. The cream of the crop. She has an infectious personality and an undeniable warmth that makes you feel like you've known her for a very long time after just one conversation. I think if I could sit down and write out all of the character traits that I could imagine Matt's perfect woman would possess, Kate would still be better. These two really met their match and it's been so fun to watch.

I wouldn't say that they complete each other, because that would be a disservice. The word "complete" suggests that they are separately operating at less than 100% and together they're filled to the brim. I think Kate and Matt are operating on all cylinders, at all times, at 100%, and together they're an incomparable, overflowing 200%. It's the deliciously cliche love story your mom told you about, but better.

Watching the two of them take this huge step is something I will never forget. I was so honored to be trusted with this precious moment. I am so so happy to call these two wonderful people my friends and I wish them every possible happiness forever because they deserve it!

Cheers to Matt & Kate!


Shout out to Karl Schmid, my second shooter and a brilliant genius. Check out his work via his Instagram @karlschmid.

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