No amount of Pinterest searches have ever resulted in the correct answer to this question. I find it incredibly unsettling that no matter how popular makeup becomes or how long hairstyling tools have been around, we still haven't found the practical, clean, and attractive way to store it.

I don't want containers that will gather dust and sticky residue. I don't want some over-the-door plastic/wire/cage/trap that bangs like a noise maker every time the door is used. I don't want to put my blow dryer and curling iron into an ill-fitting Cup-Holder-with-a-Handle that didn't even take into account the importance of CABLE MANAGEMENT. Why is the common denominator amongst these "containers" just the guarantee that all of our products will stand upright? Who asked for that?

There are a few things that I know for sure:

1. My makeup will always look "lived in." (This is a cute way of saying when you open at least two of my pressed powder compacts, you will realize that they've become loose powder compacts).

2. I will forever be a victim to loose cords that are tangled in themselves and each other.

3. I wear extensions and my recycled, loose hair is everywhere.

4. I don't want another fckn travel sized bag that I need to unload and reload every mother lovin’ day.

I want something permanent, but easily transferable. I want the workspace that I use to beautify myself to be beautiful, too. I want to create and maintain the illusion that I am a minimalist to all my friends and family.

This EPIDEMIC is something I look into probably every six months. Year after year, every company continues to produce different versions of the same container that makes your products stand upright and collect goop in their impossible to clean areas. I imagine the board meeting conversations like, "How about another one of these plastic cosmetic separators? No? What if they can stack on top of eachother when nothing is inside of them? That doesn't help? Oh well!"

There has to be some sort of cash cow idea out there that hasn't reached us. Until then, I'll show you how I've been *coping* with this madness.

First, I bought a bag for $3 at Goodwill. My criteria for the bag:

1. Size: medium. Not too big, but not too small.

2. Structure: minimal. Needs to hold it's shape and not be lumpy, but needs to be able to lay relatively flat at all times.

3. Aesthetic: neutral with a twist. When I imagined the bag, I never pictured it being (spoiler alert) orange. I thought it should be something that blended in with its surroundings - a 'barely there' kind of vibe. However, the color felt warm and made me happy when I saw it. It met the standards of numbers 1 & 2. The long leather straps were perfect and beautiful.

Next, I brought the bag home and filled it with the ugliest items that I use every single day. Think: hair brushes and "lived in" products, as well as styling tools with untamed cords. (Stop filling when bag is heavy or lumpy).

Last, I hung it on the back of my door! Ta-da.

This solution isn't perfect, but it's a practical option for storing the products that you need to get to first and often. It makes for interesting decor that doesn't look *too* much like a DIY and can move from room to room when you live in a one bedroom apartment with your boyfriend and are running late for an event again.

This works until you realize you have no practical place for your towels and robes because you have too many of both and nowhere to put those either, damnit... My hack for this, then, is getting some wall hooks to use for either your new storage bag, towels, or robes - IF your landlord lets you. If your answer to that is also no, your alternative options are clear: either move out or carry the bag with you everywhere you go.

Love Always,

Marie Kondo

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